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Palm Reading

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Spiritual Chakras

Palm Reading | Natural Born Psychic

You may not realize it, but your palm is a fantastic tool to use in order to determine your defining characteristics and, more importantly, your future...

Tarot Card Reading | Natural Born Psychic

Like many psychic practices, many people mock tarot card reading simply because they do not understand it. I’ve devoted my life to the psychic...

Spiritual Chakras | Natural Born Psychic

Many people do not know about the importance of chakra balancing. If you’re unfamiliar with exactly what chakras are, I’ll be more than happy to explain...

Whether you’re depressed, angry, or anxious, Natural Born Psychic can offer you friendly guidance!

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The world can be an incredibly difficult place. Whether you’re struggling to get by financially or are having trouble connecting with your significant other, I guarantee that I can help you find the way to happiness and fulfilment. I am a natural born psychic and have worked extensively across the state of California for over ten years. I’ve helped countless numbers of individuals with their problems, and I would very much like to help you deal with whatever is troubling you.

I specialize in a number of natural healing methods that are proven to be effective at treating everything from depression to addiction. I can gladly provide you with any of the following psychic methods and healing modalities:

• Tarot cards
• Palm readings
• Chakra balancing
• Aura reading
• Meditation tools
• Spiritual art
• Meditation rocks
• Crystal readings
• Oils
• Spells
• Incense
• Money and good energy charms

My psychic readings and healing treatments are guaranteed to work, and you’ll leave feeling like a new person with a rejuvenated sense of self-worth. If you’re a resident of the Union City, CA area and want to find direction in your life, then please visit me at Natural Born Psychic!